HOPE Skills For: Adult Learners Students & Graduate Educators

Why HOPE®?
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Students know that today’s job market is very competitive and the future doesn’t look much better. Students can only hope the job market loosens up when they graduate … is there any real hope for them? The answer is YES!

HOPE®, The Students’ Bridge To Business gives students the competitive edge they need to STAND OUT from the competition they’ll face as they transition from school to business. This competitive edge is honed when students learn and develop “4 Skills Every Student Needs”; Interpersonal, Communication, Presentation, Selling skills.  These are building block skills which give students the self-confidence and self-esteem they’ll need in any business.
For example; these skills help students learn how to get interviews and do well in them while also learning how to avoid making common mistakes during the interview process.

Why NOW?
The time for students to learn, understand and use these 4 Skills Every Student Needs is NOW, while they’re in school … before they apply for a part-time or full-time job, put together a resume, prepare for interviews or enter any area of business. It’s NEVER too late for students to learn these skills, which prepare them to meet, earn support from and work effectively with the one constant found  in every business … PEOPLE. All students can learn these skills.
Students want to know: 1) What can I do to stand out from the thousands of people looking for jobs? 2) How do I get interviews and job offers? 3) What can I do while I’m in school, to prepare myself for life in “the real world”?

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