HOPE Skills For: Adult Learners Students & Graduate Educators

One of the questions I ask students and graduates is; “what skills do you need to be successful”? A majority of them say people skills. When I ask them to define people skills, they have a difficult time telling me what they are.

Very simply, people skills are the skills required to meet, interact and get along with, earn support from and work with other people. Very often these skills are referred to as ‘interpersonal skills’, ‘life skills’ and even ‘soft skills’. It’s true these skills are needed to interact with other people and they are used all through life. However, they are certainly not soft! In fact, people skills should be learned and applyed…sooner, rather than later. Students with these skills have a competitive edge. Why? Because the skills are required in school, every job, type of work and all careers.

The increased application of technology and social media skills in school and business has resulted in people skills being de-emphasized. The fact is; many schools simply do not have the time to teach them.  Coincidently, businesses look for these skills in applicants, interns and employees. (blog.hbr.org/2013/10/keep-your-name-off-that-layoff-list/) (www.edutopia.org/blog/college-career-ready-soft-skills-crucial-ben-johnson)

The question is; where do you learn people skills? You can learn them: a) at home from family and b) in the real world when you suddenly realize how necessary they are in every social and business setting.

Or, you learn them in the HOPE® Human Interaction Knowledge Applied Skills Program. It’s never too early to learn 5 essential building block skills that give you a Competitive Edge in life. Skills which enhance what you learn in school.

Every student can learn and apply them, regardless of their grades, test scores, social and economic background. More important: as you grow, the skills grow with you, becoming more refined over time.

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