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A radio commentator recently spoke about unemployment rates in certain states …overall, the employment landscape doesn’t look good! He said people are frustrated by sending their resumes out and having the resumes ‘scanned’ by computers, not people. Are you one of those frustrated people? If so, its true, computer resume scanning eliminates your personality, energy, enthusiasm and presentation skills. How do you solve that problem?

Flat paper or a screen doesn’t sell YOU very well. The solution: become an in- person interviewer. This means getting out there, walking in the door of employment opportunity and showcasing your personality, capabilities, confidence and drop your resume off with a person. Have you tried it? If so, Tell me about it. [email protected]

If you let a computer decide whether you are qualified to come ‘in’ for an interview, the deck is stacked against you. Many companies don’t want you coming in the front door and say ‘I want to work here’ …yet, individuals who do that can increase their chances of going to the front of the line for interviews. Have you ever tried walking into a company and saying; “I want to work here”?

Use a computer, find out the names of people who you want to meet and talk with. Then get up one morning, dress for success, take your resume, put a smile on and go out and sell yourself … in person! Believe me, this does work!

It’s YOUR JOB to show & sell yourself and your willingness to be “personally, pleasantly, professionally persistent” in your efforts to be interviewed and hired!

If you get a rejection, write and send a short hand-written “thank-you” note (for their time) to the person who rejected you. Then keep trying until they say yes!

Please contact me at [email protected] I will help you get that Yes!.

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