HOPE Skills For: Adult Learners Students & Graduate Educators

Skills must be learned by doing …mental, emotional or physical skills. The process of learning a skill is the same, regardless of the specific skill.

Learning a skill is a step by step process …doing the small (easier) parts of the skill first  …becoming good at them…and then doing the more complex, difficult  parts of the next. Always be aware of the feedback we get from what we do.

Learning a skill is a process of self-discovery …until we’re actually doing the skill naturally, instinctively and easily. The process of learning any skill should be a slow, deliberate process – training, practice and repetition are keys to learning any skill .. physical, mental or emotional.

First …understand the various parts of the skill and how they work together. Make an attempt to do-perform the skill and then watch, observe the feedback/results of what we did ..paying attention to ‘outcome’ – success or failure – from what we did. Then , after observing and understanding the feedback, repeat what we did again ..making adjustments in the ‘doing” and then seeing what the reactions/feedback/results from others are the next time.
Some people learn certain skills more easily than others. Be patient with yourself as you begin learning any skill. Pay attention to the feedback you get from people as you practice the skill. Be sure you are getting the results you’re looking for from using the skill…if not, figure out why and work on the part(s) of the skill which are not working the way you want them to.

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