The HOPE® 5 Skills Every Student Needs Are YOUR Competitive Edge

Definition of BUSINESS: One’s work, occupation, profession.

IN BUSINESS you step up, stand out and work to succeed in the real world. You learn the importance of being a trusted, confident and competent team player and the value of ethics, honesty and integrity. HOPE®’s 5 Skills help you develop your Competitive Edge in business!

Definition of CAREER: One’s process through life or in a particular vocation; a profession or occupation which one trains for and pursues as a lifework.

A CAREER is comprised of jobs and opportunities and that show you can perform at the highest level; personally and professionally. A career is a compilation of responsibilities, challenges, accomplishments and knowledge gained over a life-time. HOPE®’s 5 Skills are the Competitive Edge cornerstones in your Career.

IN HIGH SCHOOL you learn subjects and are tested on what you learn. Test scores and class ranking can help you get into college. High school is where you start learning skills that you need to transition confidently from school to business and for the competition you will face in business. HOPE®’s 5 skills help build your self-confidence and self-esteem.

IN COLLEGE you increase your knowledge which can help prepare you for business. You also begin thinking and making decisions on your own. College is where you start finding out who you are and how to set yourself apart from the rest. HOPE®’s 5 skills get you ready to open doors, get interviews and job offers.

Through our specifically tailored programs, which are centered around dynamic instructional and motivational presentations, we empower you with the skills necessary to give you a COMPETITIVE EDGE. For more information, please contact us.

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