HOPE Skills For: Adult Learners Students & Graduate Educators

  1. I believe in every student’s ability to learn essential life skills that prepare them to confidently transition from school to college to career.
  2. I believe that all students must understand that to be successful in life, Human-Interaction Knowledge Applied skills are as important as academic, technology & social media skills
  3. I believe that every student must learn First Impression skills, Interpersonal skills, Communication skills, Presentation skills, and Selling skills, and realize that these five skills give them a competitive edge in all aspects of their life.
  4. I believe that a student’s grades and test scores in high school and college are not the be all, end all in determining if they will be successful and happy in life.
  5. I believe that students must understand that their education takes place all throughout their life; their education doesn’t stop once they leave the classroom.
  6. I believe that students who experience difficulties in school, or adversity in life, are not destined to be a failure after they leave school or throughout life.
  7. I believe that every student must realize that success is based on many factors and the ability to develop, build and sustain relationships with people who believe in them, see their potential, inspire them, motivate them, challenge them, encourage them, give them advice and present them opportunities is as important as any knowledge they gain from a textbook or classroom.
  8. I believe in every student’s ability to learn how to earn the trust and support of others, and work effectively with people.
  9. I believe in every student’s ability to live by core fundamentals of being Adaptable, Resilient and Confident.
  10. I believe in every student’s ability to realize that their dreams are attainable once they learn how to harness the Power Of People principle.
  11. I believe every student should know and understand there are 7 ways of obtaining knowledge and education throughout life.
  12. I believe that every student should understand that although graduating from high school and college is important, they also need to realize that there are other factors which contribute to being educated, happy and successful in the real world.

These 12 beliefs I hold true!

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