I’m listening To You!

July 5, 2013

Bob Wolf, Founder of HOPE®

For 15 years I’ve been speaking with, listening to and learning from high school and college students … you’ve told me a lot about what you want, need and are concerned about as you contemplate moving from school to business..

Your letters tell me that the following are some of the things that you need to learn as you think about going into any type of business: “people skills”, “networking skills”, “how to make people like me”, “relationship building skills”, “how to be comfortable around people I don’t know”, “interviewing skills”.

You understand that your success in any type of business depends at lot on other people. You realize that you have to be comfortable meeting, getting along with, earning support from and working cooperatively with all types of people. Do you have skills you need to do these things?  

What’s really interesting is that most, if not all companies want their applicants and employees to have the very skills that you tell me that you need to learn! The question is: Who’s teaching you these skills and how do you learn these skills?

If you knew there were 4 skills that were easy to learn through training and practice and these skills would help you meet, engage, converse with, earn support from and work effectively with people as you go from school to business, would you want to learn them? Of course you would!

Drop me a note at bobwolf@hopeskills.com and I’ll help you learn them!


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