HOPE® Acronyms

FEARFundamental Expression of Accepting Responsibility.
Everyone experiences some type of fear, especially when they Accept any new Responsibility. The greater the Responsibility,the greater the fear. This natural fear is reduced & eventually eliminated when the responsibility is clearly understood and Accepted.

 WORKWorthwhile Opportunity Requiring Knowledge.
Every type of work Presents an Opportunity to learn something new and Requires gaining new Knowledge of whatever type of work it is.

LEADListen Encourage Align Develop
Every individual has the potential and opportunity to become a leader; u.e. . .within their circle of friends, their social network, their family or their place of work. The keys to being a leader are: to be a good Listener …Encourage others….work to Align people’s thoughts and actions toward a common goal …and to Develop people around you.

TEAMTrust Enthusiasm Action Motivation.
Teamwork is easily understood in the sports world. The business world involves interaction with many people. Great companies make teamwork part of their corporate culture. Everyone’s skills, talents, knowledge and experience combine to produce Action, Motivation, and Enthusiasm to work for the good of the company ‘and’ their own growth and development. Trust is the foundation of effective & successful teams.

MOTIVATEMake Others Think Improvement Vision Application Trust & Expression.
Motivate means to “get someone to do something you want them to do ..and they want to do as well”. In business, to motivate others means to focus on the words Think, Improvement, Vision, Application”, Trust and of course Expression. Unfortunately, some people try to motivate others by using fear, intimidation, threats or punishment- not positive encouragement. To motivate someone, it’s important to think & produce “win win” not “win-lose”.

FAILFirst Approach In Learning
Anyone that accomplishes something of significance, regardless of how large or small that accomplishment will often fail first. We don’t become good at anything without First experiencing some type of failure whether that is in our personal or professional life.

HABITHelps Acquire Better Individual Traits.
It takes 21 days to establish a new habit. To become better, we all need to Acquire better Individual Traits that over time, along with our commitment, effort and dedication to improve ourselves, will create behavior, actions, thinking and performance that makes us better.

IDEAInvest Develop Experiment Apply
People who have ideas have to develop them in detail.  They need to Invest time and Experiment in trial and error and finally, they have to try some practical Application to see if their idea can deliver the intended outcome.

CHANGECreative Helpful Attitude Nurtures Growth & Experience
This word is used a lot, especially in the business world.  Every hour, day, week,  month and year presents changes in our life.  The different experiences we goin our life creates some type of change. Change can be Helpful or negative and change can certainly nurture growth and improvement if we’re open to those things. People say “I can’t  change …this is how I am”  Anyone can change “if” they really want something bad enough.

PEOPLE –   Present Exceptional Opportunities Plus Learning Experiences
The only constant in business is people and it’s important to realize that the people we meet offer all kinds of Opportunities and Experiences. People will help us grow, improve and Learn  “We can’t know enough good people in our life”.

EARNExperience And Results Necessary
Students must understand that they need Experience and measurable Results before they’re able to earn people’s respect, trust and support. “People do business with people they know, like, trust and have confidence in.”

IMAGE –  Impression Made And Grows Everyday
Our image is what people “see” and “hear” about us. We all have an image we want to project. Our image is based upon the Impressions we leave with others every time they meet and interact with us. The image of ‘who’ we are and ‘what’ we are like as people Grows Everyday. We have to be sure that the image we want to project is an image we’re proud of.

THINKThis Helps Inspire New Knowledge
One of the most important things a person can do to improve Themselves … is to think more. Thinking Helps us to consider and understand information in greater detail. Taking time to think about something opens a person’s mind to New Knowledge.

SMILESimply Makes Individuals Less Edgy
A smile is an important physical asset.  When we smile at Individuals, they’re less likely to ‘draw away’ from us.   A Smile makes people ‘less Edgy’ and more receptive to us. A smile helps other people see us as someone they ‘might’ want to get to know. A smile suggests to someone we’re approachable. When we meet someone new, a smile is a great emotional and psychological ‘door opener’.

INSPIRE – Instill Necessary Support to Produce Important Results & Effort
It  is important to realize the value of inspiring people, especially in business. When we want someone to do something that benefits both parties, it’s Necessary to show them Support (physical, emotional, financial, personal, professional) they want & need so they are able to Produce the type of Results we both want. When we inspire someone, we encourage them to make the Effort – and often, ‘extra effort’ that may be needed produce the results we both want.

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