Selling Skills

Selling skills incorporate the first 4 skills: First Impression, Interpersonal, Communication, Presentation.

Selling skills convey; who we are …what we’ve done …what we believe …how we think … what we want … what our potential is … and what we’ll contribute to a business. Selling skills allow us to understand what others want and need from us …and how we can give it to them and still get what we want and need in return. Every job, in any business requires selling skills.

Webster defines selling as: To give up, deliver, or exchange (property, goods, services, etc.) for money or its equivalent.

A friend, Bob Reiss (author and entrepreneur) offers these definitions of selling:

  1. To persuade people to your way of thinking and or opinion … and cause them to act on that thinking and or opinion … so that there is a benefit to you and them.
  2. Persuading the Right Person to take an Action Favorable to All Parties.

Students learn why selling is so important in all areas of business. They learn:

  • The art of selling
  • The objective of selling
  • The process of selling
  • The language of selling
  • Proven techniques, secrets and behavior of effective selling
  • The expected outcomes from selling

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